Warranty and parts

Manufacturer Warranty & Missing Parts

Backyard Discovery


Products made by Backyard Discovery have a 5 year warranty on wood components and a 1 year warranty on accessories such as the swings/trapeze bar, etc.  If you find that a part is missing or parts are broken, click here. This will lead you through the process for ordering parts online and/or getting your part requirements to the correct person. Using this method is much faster and more efficient for you than attempting to call Customer Service




This company has an outstanding TEN year warranty on wood components and a one year warranty on accessories. As an unavoidable part of the shipping industry, sometimes packages arrive damaged or defective, or with missing parts. Gorilla Playsets guarantees you will receive all parts - correct and functioning properly. All replacement part orders are shipped UPS freight.

If your item was sent via freight truck and it was signed for and accepted, the order cannot be returned unless shipping is paid both ways by the customer and the item has not been opened or used/installed. If there is damage, part error, or loss in delivery, your replacement parts will be issued. *Please save a copy of all warranty, receipts, and delivery receipts for your records.  SERVICE: 800-882-0272


Cedar Summit & Big Backyard


Cedar Summit offers a 5 year manufacturer's warranty on wood components and a 1 year warranty on accessories like the swing, trapeze bar, glider, etc. 


Warning: High Winds/Tornado/Unexpected Natural Disasters

The warranty on our swing sets protects you in case the wood rots/cracks/decays but does not cover natural disasters.  If your swing set were to catch fire, be blown over by high winds, damaged by hail or destroyed in a natural disaster it is not projected under the warranty. This would be something you may want to claim on your home owner's insurance. 

I have an older playset.  Do you have parts for it?


Most manufacturers still have parts for older playsets. Please contact them directly.

Some of the wood is cracked. Is this normal?

Yes. Cedar is naturally resistant to decay and rot. However, surface cracks can develop as it weathers and this is perfectly normal. It does not affect the strength of the wood.​

What about the assembly warranty I purchased?

Once your assembly is complete, you will be asked to approve the job. Pictures are sent into us by our installers to ensure customer satisfaction.  You have 30 days to report any issues with the assembly itself.  If we find the job to be installed improperly, we will send the installer back out to correct the issue. After the 30 day period expires, the warranty on the assembly exprires. .