Purchase Terms and Conditions

Thank you for buying products from Backyard Imagination!


We appreciate the chance to have your business and want you to be completely satisfied. To that end, many of your questions can be answered or resolved very quickly by checking out the installation manual, looking on the website, or talking with our Customer Service folks. Give us a call 800-239-0362.


It is rarely necessary to return a product since we can resolve nearly anything and will work to do so promptly and to your satisfaction. However, in the unlikely event you need to return a product and so you won't be disappointed or surprised by our policies, please read the policies BEFORE you buy from us.


Because most of our products are very heavy and large, it costs quite a bit of money to ship and handle them so returns can be very costly.


Shipping and Handling:


If you are buying a playset, large accessory, or other large/heavy product, it will ship via common carrier freight because of the weight and size of the boxes. The freight delivery service we use is "Curb Side" only which means the driver is NOT responsible for moving the boxes anywhere other than off the truck onto the curb or tree lawn. In all cases we order residential delivery service. In most cases we order lift gate truck delivery service to make it easier for the driver to unload. The driver will not require assistance unloading your product. Any assistance you give the driver, whether the driver requests it or you offer, is solely at your own risk. We are not responsible for ANY injury you or anyone else receives from any part of the delivery process.If you are buying an accessory and it can ship via package express (i.e. FedEx), then it will be calculated that way. Of course, package shipping charges are based on the weight, size, and how fast you want your item.


Receipt of Products:


You are responsible for checking the shipment and if necessary, either refusing it or noting damage upon receipt. If you do not do this, neither the carrier nor manufacturer will be responsible for any damages or charges associated with replacement of parts damaged in shipping that you accepted. **IF you order a swingset and boxes arrive damaged, you need to accept the order.  Call or email us and we will get replacement boxes out to you. This is MUCH faster than rejecting the entire shipment.






If you cancel your order prior to it shipping, we will cancel the transaction and no fees or charges will apply.


If you wish to cancel after your order ships but before you receive it, you must refuse the shipment upon delivery. Your refund will be based upon our policies stated below. Once you receive your order, returns are processed under our policies stated below.


Returns and Refunds:

If you are dissatisfied with a product that you bought from our website (www.backyardimagination.com) and wish to return it for any reason other than a shipping error, defect or damage, call us toll‐free at 1‐800‐239-0362. One of our Customer Service representatives will provide you with simple instructions for returning and obtaining your refund. Please have your order information ready when you call. Issues including shipping errors, defects, or damaged parts can be resolved quickly and do not require return of the product to resolve.


Return and Refund Specifics:


We will only accept a return if you contact us within 30 days of receipt of your product.

You are responsible for any and all shipping charges associated with returning an item.

You are responsible for returning the product(s) to the facility we designate.

All returned products MUST be returned in like‐new condition in original packaging.

If you bought a playset, then the pieces MUST be dis‐assembled and re‐boxed securely in original packaging.

If we receive products back that are damaged because of inadequate packing or partial assembly, your refund may at our sole discretion be reduced by the restocking fee AND an amount equal to the parts we need to replace to make the set like new again.We charge a 15% restocking fee for all returned products. As you can imagine, this is because it takes significant effort to prepare a returned playset for re‐sale and of course, the returned set cannot be sold as new so we have to sell it at a discount.Refunds will be made by crediting the original method of payment (i.e., credit card, etc.).We will not accept returns for our products that you bought elsewher. Backyard Discovery sells our products through mass merchandise retailers such as Wal‐Mart and Sam's Club as well as directly to consumers from this website. This return and refund policy does NOT apply to any products you purchased from any retailer other than from us directly even if it is one of our products. If you purchased your product from any other retailer other than us directly, then please check the return and refund policies of the retailer from whom you purchased the product.Refund Amounts:Unless you cancel prior to your product shipping, the amount of your refund will be the result of the original invoice amount minus shipping charges (outbound plus if any, inbound) minus the restocking fee minus the price of any damaged parts that we have to replace. Your refund will be issued after the product arrives at the facility we designate and we inspect the product for any damage.Replacement Parts:Sometimes parts are damaged during shipping or missing from a kit box. Don’t worry! We'll get you the right part quickly so your playset assembly won’t be held up any longer than necessary. Please click here to send us information about you and the parts you need. To speed our response, please tell us which playset you have, when you bought it, and the part numbers of the parts you need. Don’t forget your shipping address.We ship replacement parts via UPS Ground or UPS Freight, depending on size and weight. If you want your parts faster, you can select faster shipping though we charge for the difference between ground and your shipment method of choice.Warranty:Each product’s instruction manual contains the specific warranty as it applies to that product.


Walmart, Amazon & Google Shop:


Backyard Imagination is an authorized reseller at Walmart, Amazon, and Google Shop as well as our website. And if you're on our website - GREAT, because our best prices are found right here!  If you order a playset from us and you have issues, do not attempt to return to one of these places as they will send you back to us.  Even if it's delivered via a Walmart truck - you still need to call us with issues.  We take great care in seeing that you are satisfied but issues will need to come direct to us so that we can get them resolved in a timely manner.  


Also if you have issues with your warranty, see us as well and we will help to contact the manufacturer to get whatever parts are needed for you so that you do not have to call 800 numbers and deal with, frankly, the hassle.  We want this to be a great experience for you from start to finish!