Shipping Estimates

How long will it take to get my item?

Playsets are heavy and must be shipped by truck. Once we receive your order we send the order on that day to the manufacturer. Every manufacturer takes a differernt amount of time to ship the order. Spring is the busiest of all seasons for swingsets.  


Backyard Discovery processes within 1-3 business days and 5-7 business days in shipping. 


Big Backyard & Cedar Summit take 4-7 business days to process and about 2-5 days to get to you in shipping.


Gorilla processes in 5-8 business days and 3-6 days in shipping.  


Playstar take 5-7 business days to process and about 4-8 days to get to you in shipping.


Congo take 4-7 business days to process and about 4-8 days to get to you in shipping.


Swing Kindom creates custom sets to order.  Takes 2-3 weeks to manufacturer swing set.


Spas, Patio Furiture, Grills, and Outdoor playhouses can take 5-10 days to process so please call before purchasing if it is time sensitive.


Once you purchase, we will send your order on to the manufacturer to process and once it ships an email will be sent to you with the tracking number so you can keep tabs on your shipment and plan for its arrival. Accessories and smaller items ship via package express - generally FedEx.​


Please keep in mind that we do not guarantee shipping dates as we cannot control mistakes made by the freight company once it is in route. 


If you cancel your order once it has shipped, you will be responsible for the shipping charges incurred.

How big are the boxes?

Of course, it depends on the playset or product. Our smaller playsets come in two boxes. The Windsor comes in 6 boxes! They are all 92" long and most are 22" wide. Box height varies from 3" to 9" or so. Playhouses and picnic table boxes vary from this. But it gives you an idea. Accessories are in boxes that fit the size of the product.​

How are products shipped?

Playsets, furniture and other large items are shipped via Curbside Shipping. Delivery will be done by a tractor/trailer (a big truck). Driver is only responsible for delivering (driving) the order to your curb. A delivery appointment is scheduled by the freight company via the phone number(s) you provide in your order. No delivery will be made unless an appointment is set and someone is present to inspect the package and unload the order.  While the driver is not required to help, typically he will assist in the unload. Our wooden swing sets come in multiple boxes, anywhere from one to thirteen depending on the size of the set. For reference, one person in our warehouse loads up each set. It is a good idea when you make your appointment, to have the freight company call you 30 to 45 minutes before delivery so as to avoid having to wait for the driver to show up. 

Scheduling Delivery - *IMPORANT*

The freight company will call you on the number provided with your order to schedule delivery of your shipment.  It is VERY important that you accept or return their phone call within 1-3 business days.  Failure to do so could result in them having to return the shipment back to the manufacturer.

 If customer fails to respond and delivery is returned to manufacturer, it will be the customer's responsibility to pay for the shipping fees incurred.

If I order more than one product will they arrive together?

Probably not. This is because playsets ship from a different warehouse than accessories, etc. So just like Amazon and others, you may get your shipment at different times separated by a few days or more.​

Is shipping included?

Yes, FREE shipping is included on ALL products on our website.