Grand Valley Retreat

-Multi-level wood roof with sunburst gables and 2 extra wide rounded windows
-8 Premium clubhouse windows
-2 Flower boxes with faux shutters
-Steering wheel and telescope
-Twist N' Ride tube slide with crows nest
-Side-by-side access ladder and rockwall with 2 metal safety grips and a safety bar
-Picnic bench with counter top
-2 Belt swings and an acrobatic swing with swing chain and heavy duty swing hangers
-9ft. 2in. extra wide A-Frame swing end (adjusts for uneven yards)

This comes with a green tube slide.
  • Details

    Made by Big Backyard
    Ships 4-7 Business Days

    Overall size(LxWxH):18ft. 11in. x 10ft. 3in x 10ft 10in.
    Recommended safety perimeter(LxW): 30ft. 11in. x 28ft.

    100% cedar lumber
    Pre-cut, pre-drilled and pre-stained lumber with factory applied, environmentally friendly stain

    Pre-assembled roof and wall panels
    Approximate building time for 2 people:
    Fort: 10-12 hours, Tube Slide: 2-3 hours
    Detailed instruction manual