Cumberland Gap (Playful) Commercial Playset

The Cumberland Gap is the gateway to fun. Boasting three decks, this exciting structure can accommodate a high traffic park or multiple classrooms. Each deck is covered with a nature-themed roof, adding shade to the entire structure. Children will traverse from deck to deck using the Bone Bridge and Crawl Tunnel before making their voyage down the straight or curved slide. A Game, Window and Ship’s Wheel Panel add fun play stations on the structure, while the Bass and Bongo Drums and Rain Wheel offer exciting ground level play.
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    SKU: UPLAY-007-P

    11 Play events include 3 slides, a triple-tower play structure, a climbing activity, tunnel, bridge, a rain wheel and drums
    4 ft. Straight and curved slides provide kids with a thrilling ride and 4 ft. vine climber offers children a fun climbing activity
    Triple-tower decks are connected by a crawl tunnel and bone bridge to create adventurous pathways
    Above the decks, kids will find a nature sequence game panel, a ship's wheel steering panel and window on the world lookout panel
    Below the decks, kids can play post-mounted drums or give the rain wheel a spin
    Powder-coated steel, roto-molded plastic, HDPE plastic, plastisol-coated steel and stainless-steel construction deliver a durable structure for children's entertainment
    Vivid color scheme of blue, red and yellow with brown decks for a visually stimulating look
    20 - 30 Child capacity, ages 2 - 5
    Includes an easy-to-install ground spike mounting system
    L-shaped footprint requires a use area of 32 ft. x 36 ft., making it ideal for middle- and large-sized daycares, churches and apartment complexes
    Meets ADA guidelines and is commercially compliant with ASTM and CSPC and is IPEMA certified
    Anchor bolt mounting sold separately for asphalt/concrete sub base
    In ground mount sold separately