AccelaFrame HD 12 x 30 ft. Shelter Green

The revolutionary Accelaframe Custom Garage program is the only patented quick assembly, custom garage. Made to last for all-year use, the Accelaframe is built strong and features our patented quick assembly technology. Choose your quick-assembly garage from a wide range of size options. Choose from a garage as small as 12 x 10 x 9 ft. or as large as 12 x 30 x 9 ft, and in either a green or gray durable cover. Assembly is quick and easy thanks to the Accelaframe Rib and Quick Assembly System - some garages can be properly assembled in less than an hour! Strong, sturdy and durable - the Accelaframe offers protection for all your oiutdoor storage items. Whether you're looking for a seasonal shelter or garage for your car, ATV, truck or boat - or you need a more permanent shelter or garage for you backyard, the Accelaframe Custom Garage Program has the size you need to safely and securely store your items.